My Chairs have a heritage.  They are contemporary designs in the Windsor tradition, which dates to the 1600s.  Beginning in 1982, I made chairs that combined what I felt were the most beautiful of the many Windsor elements.  After becoming adept at refining the traditional elements, I began to streamline and add new elements.  The chairs that I make now are of my own design.  Additions to the tradition. 

The chairs still begin with a log, which I split with sledge and wedge, froe and club.  Drawknife and spokeshave ready the white oak for steam bending.  Two-inch thick seats of cherry, walnut, and other hardwoods are adzed deeply for comfort.  Legs and stretchers are first band-sawed, then carved.  Chairs are made one at a time. 

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Arm chair



Lenox Spider Rocker


Classic Rocker

Solid Back

Tree of Life

Solid Back

Arm Chair

Classic Rocker

w/carved crest


Tall Chair


Arm   Spider